Exnihilo (Edición En Inglés)

Exnihilo (Edición En Inglés)

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Resumen de Exnihilo (Edición En Inglés)

Exnihilo (English Edition) is a captivating science fiction novel written by an enigmatic author. Published by Books On Demand, this book takes readers on a thrilling journey to a post-apocalyptic future where humanity faces the consequences of its own destruction.

Set in a time after The Total War, humanity finds itself on the brink of extinction. The devastation caused by the war has rendered human beings unable to bear children, leaving the world devoid of new life. Forced into exile in space, the remnants of humanity now call the cosmos their home.

In this desolate setting, the Interhumane Synedrion, a governing body, takes a bold step to revive hope. They create Elai Wali Human, an artificially generated human, in a fertility factory on the Moon. However, Elai and others like him carry a tragic genetic flaw that limits their life expectancy to a mere 41 years.

The story takes an intriguing turn when a group of scientists intercept a mysterious signal from one of Jupiter’s most remote moons. This signal sparks curiosity and excitement as it could potentially indicate the existence of life beyond Earth. It is then that Elai is chosen to embark on a mission to discover the truth behind this enigmatic signal.

As Elai ventures into the unknown, readers are taken on a rollercoaster ride of suspense, as they wait to uncover the secrets hidden on the moon called Exnihilo. Will Elai find signs of life? How will the Interhumane Synedrion react to what he discovers?

With its thought-provoking storyline and well-developed characters, Exnihilo (English Edition) offers readers a unique blend of adventure, mystery, and existential questions. The author’s skillful storytelling keeps readers hooked from the first page, making it difficult to put the book down.

Whether you are a fan of science fiction or simply enjoy a captivating story, Exnihilo (English Edition) is a must-read. Immerse yourself in this post-apocalyptic world and join Elai on his quest for answers. Explore the depths of space and uncover the secrets that lie on the moon Exnihilo.

Más información sobre Exnihilo (Edición En Inglés)

image/svg+xml Género: Literatura, Novela De Ciencia Ficción

Editorial: Books On Demand

Publicado el año: 2001

ISBN: 9783756291120

Encuadernación: Ebook

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